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How To Work With Us

Single Project Focus

Perfect for those needing expert ​help with a specific project. We'll ​guide you from start to finish, ​ensuring your project shines on ​its calendar.

Short-Term Marketing Boost

Tailored for clients looking for a ​burst of creativity and ​management in their short-term ​campaigns. We provide the design ​and strategic support you need.

Comprehensive Brand ​Management

Designed for clients desiring a ​lasting partnership. We offer ​ongoing brand strategy, marketing ​guidance, and design execution to ​continuously elevate your brand.

Our Services

Photography and Videography Production:

Capturing the essence of your brand through ​high-quality, visually compelling imagery and ​video content.

Graphic Design & Content Creation ​Crafting and refining engaging content that ​resonates with your audience, ensuring ​every message is clear, impactful, and ​aligned with your brand's voice.

Social Media Management:

Strategically managing your social media ​presence to enhance engagement, build ​community, and amplify your brand's ​reach across various platforms.

Marketing Strategy:

Developing and implementing bespoke ​marketing strategies that drive results, ​increase brand awareness, and achieve ​your business objectives.

Website Management:

Creating and maintaining dynamic websites ​that offer seamless user experiences, ​reflecting the latest in design trends and ​technological advancements.

Presentation Design:

Designing professional, persuasive ​presentations that effectively ​communicate your ideas and ​showcase your brand's strengths.

Corporate Communications:

Specializing in both internal and external ​communications, ensuring your corporate ​messaging is consistent, effective, and ​aligned with your organizational goals.

Email Marketing

Tailored campaigns with customized emails ​that speak directly to your audience. ​Providing user-friendly interactions and in-​depth analytics to optimize your campaigns.

Graphic Design

Mixed Media Podcast Cover Art

For the podcast “American Surveillance” by ​Brown University graduate Zeinab Kante.

An documented analysis of her travels in Spain ​translated to the issues of racism and border ​violence in America.


TheGreatest8 Promotional Poster

The Greatest 8™ is an innovative, evidence-informed ​initiative designed to teach 8 core skills to children ages ​0-8 for a lifetime of mental wellness.

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Únete a una comunidad de familias ​latinas unidas por el Éxito de sus hijos

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Inscríbete gratis para recibir mensajes de texto semanales con ​actividades y consejos para fomentar las emociones y ​comportamientos saludables de tu hijo.

Fortalece su resiliencia con habilidades que los preparan para ​el éxito. Para más información visita

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Al 401-297-3020



Creative Reaction Lab

Featured in the Saint Louis ​Contemporary Art Museum Exhibition ​titled "Collective Impact."

'Artwork for Equity ' 2020 campaign ​finalist and grant recipient.

Security Industry

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Remember your fire alarm ​system uses cellular technology, ​too. This also needs an upgrade.

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Engineer inspection Industrial fire control system

Act Now:

Prevent Emergency ​Communication Breakdown

As cellular carriers change and discontinue older ​cellular networks, i.e. 3G and CDMA, ensure you ​still get fast emergency & fire alarm response.

Your Safety is our #1 Priority

Our service ensures the safety of your premises, property, ​business, staff, and customers through 24/7 professional ​monitoring and swift emergency response for your fire alarm. ​Utilizing the latest LTE cellular technology, our StarLink Fire ​Universal Wireless Alarm Communicators seamlessly links ​your business to the necessary authorities. We leverage the ​most extensive, cyber-secured cellular/IP LTE networks, ​guaranteeing fast and reliable assistance in any emergency.

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Keep All Secured & Protected

Get the fastest possible alarm response ​using today‘s largest cellular networks



Why does my fire alarm system also need an upgrade?

Your fire alarm system currently uses cellular networks to ​report emergencies and provide quick response.

With recent changes in phone networks and the phasing out of ​3G & CDMA, it's essential to upgrade the system. This will ​maintain its reliability in safeguarding lives, employees, clients, ​and property during emergencies.

Do I need to replace your entire fire alarm system to stay ​compatible with modern cellular networks?

No, you don’t need a whole new fire alarm system, just a ​no-fuss, no-mess cellular communicator update. Keep it ​working with today’s cellular networks, and ensure it keeps ​reporting fire alarms and sending for help in an emergency.

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Understanding Network Evolution: ​The Impact of Sunsetting on Cellular ​Technologies

Phone calls, text messages, emails, and apps all put a lot ​of demand on cellular networks. To manage this, phone ​companies constantly update their technologies and cell ​towers. This means they often stop supporting older ​technologies to make space for newer ones. This ​process is known as sunsetting.

Stay Connected

In A Life Safety/Fire Alarm Emergency

1-800-871-4244 New Jersey ​1-954-474-3789

Cell Phone or Mobile Service Tower in Forested Area of West Virginia Providing Broadband Service

3G & CDMA networks are officially phased out, devices ​relying on these technologies may experience reduced ​performance or may stop functioning entirely.

starlink FIRE


Ergonomics Industry

Promotional Posters

Social Media Marketing

Penguin Ice Cream

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A family owned and community adored ice cream shop in Bernardsville, New Jersey. Since Sarita Studio partnered with ​Penguin Ice Cream in April 2023, the beloved ice cream shop amassed a total of 36k+ organic followers. Our success is ​attributed to engaging and genuine video and image production for their social profiles.

Brookie Dough Goes Viral! A flavor inspired by, and featuring our. ​client’s daughter accumulates the laughs and likes of millions.

TikTok - July 5, 2023

26,519 new followers

27 million accounts reached

29 million views

4.8 million likes


350k saves

TikTok Analytics

Instagram - July 5, 2023

9,588 new followers

8.9 million accounts reached

9.7 million views

1.1 million likes


1 million saves

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Cohesive and ​well-maintained ​feeds across all ​social platforms.

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Pop Bag Usa


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A women-owned purse company based in New York City’s Upper West Side. Pop Bag USA is a brand centering ​creativity, quality and fun. Pop Bag USA offers unique, customizable products, produced in Florence, Italy, ideal for ​self-expression and travel! Sarita Studio partnered as a social media manager, content producer, and website ​manager in December 2022.





L-E-M Plastics

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L-E-M Plastics & Supply Inc. (Fairfield, NJ) is a well-established, growth-oriented manufacturing company ​specializing in producing precision plastic components for a variety of industries. L-E-M is a 2nd generation, tight-​knit team lead by, Ellen Pietrowitz- Phillips passionate about precision engineering, effective communication, quality ​processes, protocols and certification. Sarita Studio has managed their social platforms, website, and marketing ​materials since August 2020.

Haig Service Corporation

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Haig Service Co. offers a full suite of Critical Communications Solutions including Integrated Access Control ​Systems, Fire and Security Alarm Systems, CCTV, Monitoring, Service, Inspections and Maintenance.

With extensive industry experience and an acute understanding of the marketplace, they are a leader in Critical Life ​Safety Solutions. Sarita Studio has managed their social profiles, website, and marketing and corporate materials ​since June 2022.


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Biopharmaceutical Workplace

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